Your neighbourhood restaurant with great aperitifs and best wine in the city, with an enticing range of ever changing explosive dishes.

Mix it up in groups of two to six for the perfect Fourth & Church sharing experience. No eating rules here, order as you wish.

Purveyors of flavour and quality

Owners Sam Pryor and Paul Morgan take from culinary traditions around the world and create new and exciting dishes that are packed with layers of flavour, texture and brilliant balance.

Add a succinct wine list that features the finest Spanish sherry, unique Italian aperitivo, diverse range of handpicked wines and a few beer beauties to the mix for the definitive social eating experience.

Fourth and Church offer the full story from sourcing to savouring; growing an audience with a curiosity for food and wine and how it’s made, found, loved and created;

Join us to discover what you really like to eat and drink!

Please note: For tables or 6 or more eating at Fourth & Church, a 10% service charge will be added to your bill.